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Keep Your Office Space Safe For the Holidays

Posted by Rebekah Holten on November 29, 2017 in  Commercial Real Estate  Office  Renting  Safety
It is always fun to make your office space festive for the season, but as you are busy decking the halls and trimming the tree it’s important to remember some tips to stay safe. There are an average of 12,500 ER visits each year due to holiday accidents and over 300 fires from Christmas trees!  Keep in mind the following suggestions to keep your employees safe and your holidays merry.  CHRISTMAS TREES Christmas trees are by far one of the most popular holiday decorations and they really light up ... read more
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Wellness Certification For Your Office and Why It’s Important

Posted by Rebekah Holten on November 27, 2017 in  Innovation  Office  Wellness
Wellness programs are growing in popularity and importance in the workplace. Investing in a cost-effective wellness program is as important as implementing a safety program for your office place.  To start, finding a qualified wellness leader that will take the initiative and ensure your investment in this wellness program is meeting your expectations and adheres to the best practices, clinical guidelines and latest trends in healthcare. Your wellness leader will also be able to find the best available wellne... read more
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Baseball Stadiums are Going Green

Posted by Rebekah Holten on November 17, 2017 in  Innovation  Knowledge of the market  Technology
Going green seems to be an ongoing trend with major organizations and corporations. Major League Baseball is one of those organizations. With the MLB set on making their stadiums “green”, they are hoping to influence their fans and the surrounding communities by setting the example. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has teamed up with the ball clubs within the MLB to assist them in doing their part to protect our environment and stave off climate change. From installing solar panels, to inv... read more
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If you’re looking in to commercial real estate, it is so important to understand every aspect of your investment. From financing, to space needed, building design, and so many other factors that go into purchasing your space, ensuring you are weighing your options properly and effectively is exactly why your broker is there. Commercial real estate is far more technical than residential real estate, so it’s in your best interest to have a complete grasp on what you are investing in. Below are a couple im... read more
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Colorado’s economic boom is undeniable, which is reflected by the job growth as well as the commercial real estate in the state.  A growing work space requirement implies a need for increased real estate boom opportunity in the Colorado market. The future trends for the commercial real estate can be very easily projected from the forecasted increase in population of about 380,000 between the years 2010 and 2040. The ages tend to vary between 65 years old to 39-45 years of age working class people that ... read more
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